Yardworks Railway Arch Project Mural

RailwayArch_Train_HIGH-7 copy 3.jpg RailwayArch_Train_HIGH-8 copy 2.jpg RailwayArch_Train_HIGH-9 copy 4.jpg RailwayArch_Train_HIGH-4 copy 2.jpg RailwayArch_Train_HIGH-10 copy.jpg RailwayArch_Train_HIGH-11 copy 2.jpg RailwayArch_Train_HIGH-12 copy.jpg RailwayArch_Train_HIGH-13 copy.jpg RailwayArch_Train_HIGH-17 copy.jpg RailwayArch_Train_HIGH-14 copy.jpg RailwayArch_Train_HIGH-15 copy.jpg RailwayArch_Train_HIGH-16 copy.jpg

Just finished this massive mural down at SWG3 Glasgow, where Yardworks asked a group of street artists to paint 27 arches as tribute to Grant Hamilton (MODE). It was an honour to be involved in the Railway Arch Project and paint alongside incredible artists.

Thank you so much to Gaz, Marianne and Jay for your amazing support and making this all happen!

For more info, check out SWG3’s BLOG.

(Photography – Nikki McWilliams).

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